Mana Wynwood Convention Center

Mana Wynwood Convention Center is the centerpiece of the Mana Wynwood campus. The full service convention center features an enormous 100,000 sq ft, air conditioned facility split into two rooms: the Event Hall and the Sound Stadium.

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Event Hall – White Room

The Event Hall is ideal for trade shows, fashion shows, corporate events, gala dinners, weddings and cultural events.

Venue Specs

Main Room: 50,000 sq ft
Ceiling Height: 32 ft
Capacity: 6,000 standing

Sound Stadium – Black Room

The Sound Stadium is ideal for music festivals, concerts, performances, gala dinners, weddings, corporate events and cultural events.

Venue Specs

Main Room: 45,000 sq ft
Ceiling Height: 28 ft
Capacity: 5,000 standing

Main Parking Lot

Venue Specs

Capacity: 10,000 standing

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RC Cola Plant

Situated just west of the Mana Wynwood Convention Center, the former RC Cola Plant grounds are an architectural mainstay of the Wynwood Arts District. Revitalized as an event venue, the unique blend of street art and graffiti found within the venue makes it an exceptional space for photo shoots, concerts, and large outdoor events.

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